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Welcome to Freedom Fax

FREEDOM FAX is not Based on, Influenced by, Affiliated with, or Support the interests or policies of no single political party:

We support the United States of America, we make NO profit by design, and all money donated to our cause goes directly to projects like the one below:


Here at FaxTru, we have a multiple FAX machines working just for the citizens, that send out all messages to Congress.

Voice your concerns in 60 seconds or less… Democracy in Action! so let’s get started.. Learn More

Welcome Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

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You have the right to vote!!!

If anyone tries to stop you, call the Election Protection Hotline at 510-800-VOTE (8683). We also wrote a handy guide that outlines your voting rights. Check if you are registered to vote or register here.

Who We Are

We are a group of old battle torn and experienced warriors that came together to make a difference on the political battleground.  We are a mix of democrats, republicans and no affiliations. We are evenly biased, some leaning left, others right and even some libertarians. Our common denominator is that we are old school and have experience.

Our motto is:

“Experience Speak a Different Language”

What We Do

We took our combined experience of over 1,000 years and asked ourselves; how can we help the United States of America? After about 30 days and many arguments, yep, we call them arguments not debates, we all agreed two things make America great, our voice and our vote (Vx2) this powerful weapon was given to us after sacrifices were made and our ancestors lost their lives defending it.

We took the Vx2 and said we would protect it; we would make it better and we would make it easier for all people of this country to use it. After two years and some great programmers, we completed the Vx2 program.

We now make it very easy for anyone using our system to do two things. Send a strong message to congress in less than 60 seconds followed by an easy system check for your voters registration, followed by voting!!

Why We Do It

Just turn on your TV and watch the news and you will see why we do this, keep in mind some of us were around when it was only radio, but watch the stuff that goes on in Washington, that alone should tell you why we do what we do. It is one biased hate fight after another, it never stops, and nothing gets done… Well nothing positive gets done and the American people are left holding the bag.

Under our flagship Freedom Fate Foundation we will never let an American or America down, everything we do is based on truth and facts and back it up with honor and loyalty to our great America…

Come join us….

The fight just began…