Democracy thrives when people’s voices are heard. The easier it is for you to contact Congress, the better. It’s that simple.

Failure to effectively reach members of Congress has disastrous consequences. Studies show that politicians fundamentally misconceive their constituents’ views, making it harder for them to represent us in the lawmaking process.

That’s why we built a new tool to put you in touch with your members of Congress—with as few clicks as possible.

Simple and easy to use

We make it possible for you to email your two senators and representative through a single website. You submit one message—not three different messages on three different forms on three different websites.

Some key features:

  • All your senators and representatives on one website.
  • Say whatever you want. Many activism platforms want you to send a pre-written message about a specific topic. We let you tell Congress exactly what’s on your mind.

We don’t tell people what to say

This project is hosted by the, but it’s a neutral tool. We don’t control or influence the messages that are sent through We’re committed to free speech, and we support the free speech rights of our users.

Sometimes we may oppose what people choose to tell their legislators. Even in those cases, we won’t censor what individuals choose to say. We think society benefits from a plurality of voices speaking on a broad range of topics, and as a free speech organization this is a value we hold dear, even if we disagree with the message.

While we have tried to make the best tool we can, please understand that may have bugs or other technical issues, and is offered without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Why we’re doing this.

First, we want contacting your elected officials to be easy. Then more people will do it. And that’s good for democracy.

Together, we’ve been working on a large-scale project to improve how Internet users contact elected officials and other decision makers. lets you test out one of these tools—emailing members of Congress, call Congress, sign petitions, and submit official comments to government agencies.